When comic book legend Bob Fujitani would sign his work during the Golden Age, he would drop the last few letters so that the signature would come out as Bob Fuje. This is possibly a subterfuge to obfuscate an uncomfortable fact: Bob Fujitani was half-Japanese (the other half was Irish). His nationality deficit (as it was perceived by many in those less-enlightened, war-torn times) did not seem to slow down this prolific creator, however. His abbreviated sig appears often both during and after the war. Along with fellow artists George Tuska, Dan Barry, and chief writer Charles Biro, Fujitani was a member of the team behind 'Crime Does Not Pay,' the best-selling (and most controversial) comic of all time. Silver Age readers know Fujitani as the principle artist on Gold Key's original series 'Doctor Solar, Man of the Atom.'

The story below is from Hillman Periodicals' Air Fighters v2 #4, and features Fujitani's The Flying Dutchman, an airman from The Netherlands. Fighting Nazis without benefit of secret identity, or powers of any kind, The Flying Dutchman appeared monthly in the back pages (but never on the cover) of Air Fighters from November 1942 to June 1946. Below, FD discovers 'Germany's Greatest Secret: The 'real' identity of Adolph Hitler.

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